a picture is worth a 1000 words

Graphic recording is based on the idea that visuals increase the engagement, memory-retention and impact of a message. With the amount of information we digest on a daily basis, no one wants to read a 20-page report. The use of visual minutes, graphic recording, or any form of visual communication will make your message more insightful and transparent. They form a good starting point for further discussion. Verregezichten notes are simple and iconic, but with a modern and sketch-like feel. This text is already too long, so let's break it up with some illustrations.


I attend your (online) event and translate it directly into a graphic recording, capturing the essence of what is being discussed. Ideal for panel discussions, brainstorms, or other meetings. Afterwards you will receive an edited version to share on your own channels.

I make a visual one-pager of a specific project, or your business as a whole. This involves one or multiple meetings and some desk-research. It's also possible to visualize an already existing document such as an annual report. The color palette can be based on your house style. 

Do you need icons or illustrations for your website, social media feed or CV?  Do you have another idea? Let's chat over a cup of coffee! Don't be surprised if I already start taking visual notes during our meeting. I offer all services in English and Dutch.


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